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Breathe Free–Live Free Your pathway to a healthier YOU

To start your journey to a healthier you:

*First, schedule a 20 minute free consultation.

*During our call, you'll share important information about your smoking habits that'll determine next steps to becoming a permanent nonsmoker.

*Lastly, get excited!  You've just taken the first step to a healthier you!

Testimonial from a happy Breathe Free-Live Free smoke free client:

"I have NOT had any cigarettes. YAY!!! I have NO interest. It's a cool weird great experience coming over me. I'm around other people that smoke and I'm loving how I don't care nor want that yuckiness."


                                            Wife, Mom, Business Owner

Questions for you

Are you concerned about long-term health effects or the risk of disease? Perhaps, you’re already experiencing health symptoms from cigarettes? Would you like a better quality of life and an improved appearance from the cause of cigarette smoke? Are you tired of being controlled by addiction? Or, maybe it’s the social stigma that’s got your attention?

I'm here to lead you to a new life 

If these thoughts keep you up at night and you’re ready for change you’ve come to the right place.  Not only can I help you, but I’m incredibly passionate about supporting individuals like you who have a desire to live a healthier future.  You absolutely can live a life of freedom from cigarettes for good!  And, I’ll show you how.

Kimberly Thalken

A solution for you

Breathe Free–Live Free is a powerful 5 week Smoking Cessation Program that has been thoughtfully curated to fully support you during this life transformation.

This program is designed to use proven methods and tools that bridge the gap between spirituality and science to set you up for success. To experience the fullness of life and of ourselves...we really need both.

How will you feel in this program?

  • Empowered and fully equipped to successfully move through triggers and cravings with effective tools that you’ll use for life.

  • Confident as you use the tools and see how they work.

  • Increased self-esteem as you engage with the world from a higher you.

  • Healthier as you notice your body changing.

  • Happier as freedom from addiction sets in.

  • Joy and well being through healthy lifestyle practices.

  • Strong as your mindset shifts.

  • Fully supported with me by your side.

  • Powerful as you experience your part in creation.

You have all that you need within you.png

Program Highlights:

I’ll teach you tools that you can use at anytime that will positively affect every aspect of your life and that you can use for life.  Should you come up against a challenge or hit a bump in the road -I’ve got you!  I’ll be that good friend who doesn’t judge and reminds you how powerful you are, why you’re in the program (should you forget) and that you’ve got this!  I’ll be the encouraging voice (should you need it) that helps you stay the course.

Support in between sessions

(Tools, Exercises and Personal Work)

You’ll receive a welcome package that will contain information on the habit of smoking as well as an outline of the work it is we’ll do each week.  It’ll also come with a book to read at your leisure that reinforces what is possible when we heal our thoughts, emotions and body along with a journal.


You’ll have powerful and effective tools to use daily that will successfully move you through triggers and cravings. These tools can also be used to support other areas of life.


You will be shown how to connect to your own inner wisdom that will guide you throughout your life.


You’ll receive hypnosis recordings to listen to that reinforce rewiring your mind to create your new reality.


A positive affirmations recording will be given to you to listen to daily reaffirming all it is you desire.


I will be available by texts and calls in between sessions should you need the extra support.


You’ll become aware of how to work with your own internal resources that will set you up for success to be a permanent nonsmoker.


You’ll feel cared for and supported every step of the way.

Ongoing support

Support doesn’t need to end after 5 weeks. Sometimes on this journey we uncover things about ourselves and our lives completely unrelated that inspire us to dig deeper and learn more. Should that happen I’d be honored to continue our work together in other areas of your life.

Your commitment to you

Make the commitment to prioritize your health and well-being.  Join Breathe Free-Live free today and take the first step toward a smoke-free, healthier future. This comprehensive and effective program will lead you to a new future...a future you will create!


Your journey to better

health starts here

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