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Kimberly Thalken
Kimberly Thalken
Kimberly Thalken

I am Kim Thalken. It gives me great joy that you have chosen to be here.


As an intuitive channel-coach, master-instructor of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, quantum healer, hypnotherapist, spiritual mentor and former radio personality, I AM here to be the presence of encouragement (to stay the course), optimism (that all things are possible), enthusiasm (for what will be) and joy in the ascension process.

My Journey

My journey began in 2007. Meditation opened the channels to hear my Council of Light -introducing me to the world of spirit - and ultimately redirecting the path I thought I was on.  In 2013 the corporate doors began to close and I realized I no longer belonged.  I was being called to step into my soul’s purpose of being in service to the awakening of humanity.  In 2016 a powerful heart activation took place accelerating my ascension, igniting a deep and profound relationship with my soul and introducing me to multi-dimentionality.  Our soul’s perfection spans beyond what our human mind can comprehend.  It’s influenced the way I experience life and the work that I do today. 

My Commitment to Humanity

Many are awakening to a world, life and purpose that is different than what they believed it to be just as I did.  While incredibly exciting, it does invite us to embrace change.  Questions about what is happening within us and our life as we knew it begin to emerge.  I AM here to guide awakened souls during these transitions to their highest state of expression.  My greatest strengths are bringing in deeper levels of awareness to foster inner peace; being the encouragement you need to step into the highest version of you with ease; and building confidence in where your soul is leading you.  It brings me joy to introduce higher consciousness in practical ways to reclaim your sovereignty and create the life your heart desires.

My Studies & Career

I have studied with respected professionals in the fields of metaphysics, hypnosis and coaching.  Additionally, through in depth testing and interviews I was an approved reader for the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia.  I incorporate all of these practices along with my own inner wisdom, personal experiences and an open heart to guide from the highest place. I attended The University of Arizona, University of London-UK, and Pepperdine University where I received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration.  Following my formal education, I spent over 15 years working as an executive in sales and business development in the entertainment industry.  With a thirst for knowledge and commitment to expansion I continue to study topics that nourish my soul and enhance my personal development.

Being witness to the journey of those I work with is a privilege that I look forward to sharing with you.


With love and gratitude,

Kimberly Thalken

Truth, Integrity, Respect and Honor along with a safe and nurturing space to share is provided.  All information is held in complete confidence.

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Photo by Aaron Embrey

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