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Kimberly Thalken

Why Energy Healing?

There are infinite ways in which Energy Healing is supportive.  On a quantum level it works with your divine intelligence unlocking the key codes within to elevate consciousness and return back to your original blueprint of purity, balance and harmony.

As I gently place my hands on or over different parts of the body, the restorative energy will organically move to points in the body that need rebalancing to create a soothing, calming and relaxing experience.  This healing energy gently moves through our being to clear, cleanse, and reinstate balance on a mental, emotional and spiritual level allowing us to live from a unified place of wholeness within.

Beautiful and profound experiences take place during energy sessions.  Loved ones may come through along with your light family to offer healing messages.  It was during a session for me that I experienced Archangel Michael’s presence which reinforced and anchored in the highest confidence levels needed to fully step into the work that I do today.  Clients feel lighter, clearer, at peace and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.

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What you can expect in each Quantum

Healing of infinite possibilities:

From relieving physical pain and discomfort to bringing in clarity and inspiration or moving through past traumas there are endless ways in which energy healings are powerfully effective.

As a Master Instructor in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy I incorporate both practices along with my guidance and yours to facilitate the deep healing that is needed.  While I work with different areas of the body, I’m also using visualizations and telepathy to communicate with the soul, organs, DNA and cells

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How We Will Work Together

Each session is uniquely based on individual needs and where I’m guided as I work.  Before we begin, you’ll share with me your intentions and areas of concern.  Following the healing there is a mini consultation where I’ll share messages that came through, guidance on important next steps, specific areas of focus, as well as answer questions you may have about your experience.

You will ALWAYS get what it is you need and what is highest aligned to receive.

Sessions can be done by phone, in person, or video.

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Remote Healings

are done by phone or video.  Sessions work the same way and are equally as effective.  Energy is not bound by time or space which allows me to work with individuals worldwide.

What To Wear

Dress comfortably with loose fitting clothes to easily relax.

Quantum  Healing
Quantum  Healing
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Following Each Session:

A recalibration of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body take place. Sensations may continue to surface as you adjust to new energetics and is a natural part of the integration process.  Be sure to rest, drink extra water, and be mindful of how you’re feeling.  Listen to what your body is telling you and take time to reflect on any experiences or insights that arise.

Cost: 1 hr 15 min = $200

Truth, Integrity, Respect and Honor along with a safe and nurturing space to share is provided. All information is held in complete confidence.

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