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Sessions take you on a journey with those you love.


What do your loved ones share with us?

  • Evidence that confirms it is your loved one communicating.

  • Their memories of what was important to them in their lifetime.

  • The state of being they are in now; how they viewed life when they were here; what they are “doing” now; and, what they are working through on a soul level.

  • Messages that let you know they are still “with you” by validating things that are currently happening in your life.

  • Advice and guidance.

To enhance your experience

*Come with an open heart to your medium reading.  Be open to the type of information that may come through.

*Ask your loved one to come through and to provide information that will be supportive to your healing.

Sessions may be done by phone, in person, or by video.


Cost: 1 hour = $220   |   1/2 hour = $150

Truth, Integrity, Respect and Honor along with a safe and nurturing space to share is provided. All information is held in complete confidence.

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