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Kimberly Thalken
Lucy Testimonial Photo

I had a mediumship reading by Kim.  Kim connected with my father and brought through his essence beautifully. Her information was accurate and detailed. I am honoured to have had the experience with her. Kim is compassionate, an understanding soul and an amazing spiritual worker.

Lucy Farias

Medium, Energy Healer

Vancouver, Canada

Vivian Testimonial Photo

I have worked with Kim for the past 3 months as I was going through some challenging times. She is caring, intuitive and really heart centered with her work. I felt really peaceful, more centered and knowledgeable about my situation after each visit. She is punctual, clear and gives great advice on things to do to continue the work once she leaves. By the time our sessions were completed, I truly felt in a better place. I can honestly endorse her work as a great intuitive channel-counselor and healer.

Vivian Eisenstadt

Owner & Founder of Live Vivie

Los Angeles, CA

Rae Hipolito Testimonial Photo

Gentle, grounded and connected to Pure Source are the words that reflect Kim’s essence as a intuitive channel and healer. She channels unconditional love as she is healing and at the same time, she tunes in with an open heart that allows her to receive messages that come through from Spirit, higher beings and loved ones. She helped me gain clarity and let go of my fears as I made the biggest decision in my life. I will forever be grateful.

Rae Hipolito

Transformational Life Coach,

Walnut Creek, CA

Charlie Testimonial Photo

I started working with Kim while undergoing treatment for cancer. Kim’s intuitive and healing skills, along with her compassion and positive energy were a true blessing during a very challenging time.  Each session brought relief to discomfort and anxiety and I felt a true sense of calm.In addition, Kim helped me reconnect spiritually with loved ones which continues to provide me strength and comfort. I enthusiastically recommend Kim to anyone facing one of life’s many challenges. Thank you, Kim!

Charlie A.

Software Sales,

Denver, CO

Jennifer Nicholson Testimonial Photo

My past-life regression hypnotherapy session with Kim was quite fascinating and I really appreciate how it can give answers to help you understand yourself more. After a series of guided mental relaxation exercises, I began to receive glimpses of a past life of mine. The information I got from it helped me make sense of why I am mistrusting of and have been closed off to people. This is an area of my life that I have wanted to understand for some time. The idea that everything is interconnected is so interesting and healing as well as the fact that this wisdom lies inside of ourselves, waiting to be discovered. Thank you Kim, for this experience. I am very grateful for you!

Jennifer N.


Toronto, CA

Testimonial Photo

Kim is the Real Deal! I’m a somewhat skeptical, close-to-the-vest kinda gal but within one minute of our discussion, Kim referenced something very relevant about me which was so spot on, I just had to laugh. For the rest of our hour she kept hitting on truths about me, and my family, that were specific and meaningful and gave me great insight – she was just really dialled in. She is such a warm, gentle, safe and ego-less person.  She’s kind, generous and supportive while also delivering the messages she’s receiving in a firm but loving way. I can’t wait for my next session and I recommend her to anyone! What a blessing she is!

Becky P.

Television Writer-Producer

Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial Photo

2 Words: Authentically Amazing!! I have had the pleasure of having in-person and telephone sessions with Kimberly. Kimberly has the gifted ability to create a trusting environment to receive and experience an honest and pure spiritual interaction. Her connections are always astonishingly intimately accurate. There is no way to leave Kimberly without being overly compensated with your inquiries and desires and intrigued for more.

Kenni Capri

Richmond, VA

Testimonial Photo

Kim is absolutely fantastic.  I recommended her to one of my colleagues, who said it was one of the best sessions she’s ever had in her life.  I feel exactly the same way.  She comes from a place of love in her intuitive sessions.  She is wonderful at telling you – in DETAIL – what is going on and then very practical tips for how to move in the direction you want.  I have so much more insight into how to manifest the life I want.  When you speak with Kim, you’re speaking with a very loving, supportive friend, who wants the best for you and can guide you in creating the life you want.  She provides helpful insight into the past for your understanding but then shows you how to move forward so as not to dwell on the past.  Again, you and your life will be enhanced as a result of spending time with Kim.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Suzi P.

School Teacher,

Washington, DC

Testimonial Photo

This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I am going through an extremely difficult time. Kim helped me to see the truth that I was unwilling to face in such a kind and loving way that I felt empowered and calm about what I need to do. I feel focused, directed and supported. She is incredibly talented. Her gift will blow you away. She gets into people immediately and sums them up appropriately. Her guidance is wonderful. Thank you Kim for sharing your gift with me!!

Kim Mazella

Life Coach,

New Jersey

Testimonial Photo

The words integrity and professionalism come to mind when I describe Kimberly Thalken.  It is one thing to possess deep awareness, and another to know how to use it in a compassionate yet firm way to best support her clients. I have been on an intense spiritual path for several years.  At the time I came to her, I knew I needed guidance for this next phase of my journey, but I wasn’t exactly sure what specifically I needed to accomplish with her.  She wasted no time recognizing the essence of where I was, and the feedback she gave me from the spirit guides, within the first two minutes of our session, helped illuminate what work we needed to do.  I have life guidance sessions and a remarkable session of metaphysical hypnotherapy.I look forward to our ongoing collaboration!

Elaine R.


Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial Photo

I found Kim not long ago by chance on the internet, as I was looking for assistance in dealing with some deeper personal concerns that have been obstacles to my happiness. Kim has been astonishing, not only in her ability to hone in on the specific and significant challenges I have been wrestling with; but also in her ability to offer healing and genuine compassion in our work together. Kim’s skill as an energetic healer is remarkable, as is her steadfast, patient, and all-encompassing technique. I feel so thankful to have found her and to be working with her in addressing and challenging lifelong patterns that no longer are helpful.

Kat B.

School Counselor,

Annapolis, Maryland

Testimonial Photo

I had my first reading with Kimberly today.  My ears are humming with a higher resonance that ensued shortly afterwards.  The question for me is not will I go back, but rather when will I go back?   This experience was fascinating both in content and in result.  I am a long time spiritual seeker, and the information Kimberly tuned into from my higher self was remarkable.  I had no idea that anything so potent could be brought through.  I am writing this review several hours after the reading and feel still as though I am on some kind of cloud.  Very interesting.  And delightful, though strange.  Good strange.  The best kind of strange.  It is the feel of something new.  And wonderful.

Robyne B.

Attorney, Richmond, VA.

Testimonial Photo

I wanted to send a note to you to thank you immensely for the advice you gave to me in an email reading a few years ago. You advised I needed to correct my thinking from the upbringing I experienced. It took some time but I completely realized the changes I needed to make in my thought process which has resulted in such a positive and healthy outlook as well as my now having a strong sense of self worth and confidence that has drastically changed my life for the better!!! Thank you so much for your insight, Kim! It greatly impacted me more than you will ever know for which I am so grateful! God bless you!

Barb Moore.

Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial Photo

 Kim brings an extraordinary balance of gentleness, compassion and good humor to her healing work and to all those she works with. She has a bright energy and is easy to relate to. A great deal of love flows through her, and through her work, and you can feel it. I came to Kim seeking confirmation, reassurance and insight about my path and spiritual purpose in this lifetime. A gifted medium and energetic healer, in her readings for me she not only provided the confirmation and reassurance I was looking for about my spiritual path, but was able to take it a step further and to lay out next steps on the journey, accurately identifying (as would later be proven by specific events in my life) how my inner callings would manifest in my career, my relationships and my travels, working inter-culturally with women around issues of culture and sustainability. Kim takes on a great sense of responsibility in her work, exercising clear ethics, and communicating as much with gentle sensitivity as with tactful truth and honesty when it is called for. She is a healer of great integrity. For those ready for and seeking reliable, insightful guidance and healing, you will not be disappointed!

Jen K.

 Los Angeles, CA

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