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God Is....

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

So often I hear people speaking of God as a God of judgment, revenge, one to be feared. Most recently, I heard a friend say they were afraid of disappointing God. And, I thought to myself, that’s an awfully big burden to carry on one’s shoulders…the notion of disappointing God. There are so many ways in which we’ve been influenced throughout our life that shape our understanding of God and how we choose to live our lives based on our beliefs.

Hearing my friend’s fear of disappointing God stirred my own thoughts about my understanding of God and when I sat down in meditation the following day I experienced Jesus’ presence and heard his wisdom on this very topic that I feel blessed to share.

Channeled from Jesus on 4-14-16:

People’s misconception of God can sometimes be alarming. These beliefs are often very difficult to unravel because they are so deep rooted. They’re like knots within one’s energy system and soul.

When you look at the animals and the trees – do you get scared? When you see the beauty of a bird in flight – is this scary? No, in fact, many would describe it as peaceful. Just as a bird in flight can peacefully soar through the air and sky so can a soul peacefully soar through their own life. When you hear the purity in the sounds of a bird singing with joy – is there any darkness present? No, it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum of darkness…with pure joy there’s simply no room for darkness. Take note, this is God. People witness, feel, hear, see, taste God all around them every day. But, they walk through life with blinders on oblivious to what’s before them. And, the beauty of grace and bliss are missed.

“God is…

~the green in a blade of grass

~the budding flower

~the baby blue in the sky

~the cloud that slowly drifts by

~the warmth of the sun on your skin

~the freshness in the air after a rainfall

~the sound of falling rain

~the sound of a running brook

~the sweet in a strawberry

~the feel of a slight breeze when it’s needed

~the crashing of the waves at the beach

~the golden glimmer in the sky as the sun sets

~the bee pollinating a flower

~the eye of a hummingbird as it looks at you fluttering outside your window

~the sound of a tree branch that falls

God is…not only in nature and the animals.

God is within us.

God is…

~the laughter of children at a pool party

~the fireman carrying the injured to safety

~the person who lends an ear for a friend in need

~the joy in the facial expressions of someone who has received a beautiful gift

~the self- love and appreciation a student has on their graduation day

~the hug that two people give each other just to give each other

~two people making love wrapped in each other’s arms

~in the words “I do”

~in two people holding hands


Look at how many times you [me] too have missed God.

God is within and without.

This is a short list that could’ve gone on infinitely… just as God is infinite…infinite love with no beginning and no end. On a spectrum of love (infinite love) there is only love [no fear, no disappointment, etc. only love]. It is easy to see then how people have strayed far away from who God is.

How do YOU choose to see God? Every day that choice is available to you. It’s no different than going to the grocery store and deciding which fruits you want in the produce section. Do you choose to see God in all of the beauty around you and in everyone? Or, do you simply dismiss it as green grass and a bird singing?

Perhaps this channeled message can help us all broaden and deepen our understanding of God and to be mindful of the love and tenderness that surrounds us every day in every way.

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