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Kimberly Thalken

Transformative services and content to guide, empower and inspire awakened souls on a journey of expansion and living their highest expression.

Kimberly Thalken

You will be heard without judgement.

You can count on me to be truthful and compassionate.

I genuinely care about your well-being.


Breathe Free–Live Free Your pathway to a healthier YOU

Kimberly Thalken

As an intuitive channel-coach, master-instructor of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, quantum healer, hypnotherapist, spiritual mentor and former radio personality, I AM here to be the presence of encouragement (to stay the course), optimism (that all things are possible), enthusiasm (for what will be) and joy in the ascension process.

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Kimberly Thalken
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Kimberly Thalken
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Kimberly Thalken
Mark Langford Testimonial

Kim is a multi-talented healer and spiritual counselor. I went to her because I was having difficulty making some serious decisions in my life that were affecting my physical and psychological health.  We did an energy session that left me feeling both relieved and more vitality than I could remember. She also gave me profound insights into the cause of my problems as well as guided me through probable outcomes of different choices.

Besides being authentic in her work, Kim is probably one of THE nicest people I have ever met. In every session we had together, she made me feel safe and understood. Kim creates a deep sense of trust and I felt that she always listened to me with an open heart.

She was able to help me get “unstuck” and made me feel both emotionally and physically better. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who is needing support physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Mark Langford

C-Synergy Author,
Boulder, CO


Kimberly has truly been an incredible guide and spiritual healer in my life. The insights and internal shifts in my psyche are nothing short of profound. As a person who has experienced numerous personal losses as well as a serious physical illness, I was always in search of answers and authentic healing. The insights and true “ahh hah moments ” I’ve experienced since working with Kim have been remarkable and life changing. She is an extraordinarily gifted medium. I was fortunate enough to connect not only with both of my parents but my grandparents as well. Through these mediumship sessions, I was able to gain a greater understanding of many of the difficult circumstances of my life; putting the pieces together in a way I was never able to even contemplate previously. Kimberly, is not only an incredible healer and teacher but a loving and compassionate soul as well. Working with Kimberly is one of the greatest gifts one could give to oneself.

Dr. Levitz

Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

Darcy Testimonial

Kim is who I contact when I need a higher perspective and support. She is tuned in, amazingly accurate, and always compassionate. I feel so much better after a session with Kim. When I've had questions regarding relationships, business opportunities, or other important decisions, Kim has provided very specific information and outcomes for myself and, also, for my soul's best interest. Kim's sessions are not only very insightful, but she also validates and expands on your own wisdom. If you are struggling in any area in your life, would love to know what you can do to be happier and more fulfilled, she can help. I've had several sessions with Kim and they have all been invaluable to me! She is very genuine, caring and always in the highest integrity. I am so happy to know Kim and, as an intuitive and energy healer, I know she is the best & very highly connected.

Darcy Pariso
Animal Communicator
Seattle Washington

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