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BE BOLD in 2024: Unleashing the Powerful Energies Shaping this Year

Many are feeling a nudge to step up their game in life this year.  There’s a noticeable shift happening to take a leap of faith into the unknown or uncomfortable.  Perhaps there’s a new job that’s caught your attention?  Maybe, there’s a desire to explore your talents in an art or dance class that’s piqued your interest?  The energies of 2024 are here to serve as a catalyst for higher living by sharing our unique gifts and talents with the world and to BE BOLD in our choices.

By adding 2+0+2+4 we get the number 8.  In numerology, an 8 year, holds the energy for incredible potential, opportunity and abundance.  Further, the number eight sideways is an infinity symbol representing the infinite potential of possibilities.  How encouraging is that?  It’s only encouraging if we make the choice to use the gift that has been given to us…the gift of opportunity.  What’s our choice going to be?  For more on how to work with these energies, please see my latest video on YouTube:  “2024 Energy Update”. 

The first step in utilizing the gift of these energies is to know what our intentions are.  We have to be clear with this in order to direct the energy in ways that will support what it is we desire.  When we are intentional, we also don’t waste our energy and time with opportunities that aren’t serving our desires.  Instead, when opportunities present that will serve us, we recognize them from the awareness of the intentions we hold within.  If we don’t know what our intentions are these powerful energies may go unused.  It’s like throwing away a gift card that has money on it.

That being said, oftentimes, our goals and intentions require us to be courageous in pursuing them.  Anytime we want something we don’t have yet we are stepping into unfamiliar territory.  Many of our experiences this year will be unfamiliar as we level up.  Hence, we will need to BE BOLD.  However, we can do it!  We are never given gifts of opportunities that we aren’t ready for even if we don’t have the exact experience.  We have enough experience for us to navigate our way through to success, if we make that choice.  Moreover, the energies at this pivotal time here on Earth, will reward us greatly when we do step into our heart’s desires because of the immense need for change and a “New” Earth.

Many of us would like to see a changed world that includes greater peace, joy, freedom, kindness, and abundance for all.  However, historically, we have had hopes of this happening through outer forces like politicians and governments for example.  What we have forgotten is that change happens from the choices each one of us make and that creation happens from the inside out not the outside in.  Imagine if we all were using our beautiful unique skills and talents that brought us joy and those around us.  What we would find is that we would create the very things it is we desire in the way of inner peace, joy, abundance.  When we have these things in our life we naturally live from a kinder place and a New Earth is created.  The very thing it is we were hoping that outside world would create for us we see that we have created it ourselves. 

“BE BOLD” requires us to step into our fears and seeing the gifts that await us on the other side of fear.  As Jack Canfield said, “You have to take risks to go to the next level”.  The next level is where even greater and higher opportunities await us.  Anytime we make the choice to level up we are not only serving ourselves but it’s also what we’re contributing to the world around us…the encouragement for the next person to do the same. 

This year presents us with an abundance of choices.  What’s yours going to be?   


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