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Is Your Life Out of Balance? What the Equinox is here to show you.

Aloha Beautiful Conscious Creators,

How are you doing? How have the energies been for you this month as we head into the Fall Equinox on September 23? The equinox is always going to bring to light what needs to be brought into greater balance within our lives (within ourselves) as it marks the day and night of equal length.

These energies will begin to build leading up to the actual day and without fail I notice this in my own life as different situations and scenarios present themselves that call for my attention in some way. Pay attention to your own lives during these time periods and notice how they play a role in your life too. I find it interesting because it shows how the Universe is interacting with us.

Maybe you can relate to this? What I've noticed leading up to the 23rd is that some of my relationships have been out of balance - where it is - I was giving more than I was receiving. When these things happen I find myself saying..."hmmm...isn't that interesting?" With this new revelation you can ask yourself "where do I need to shift my behavior?" AND, "where is this coming from?" Or "why was I doing this?" And, you'll become aware of certain unconscious beliefs or programs that were running within you that you couldn't see before. But, because of what these energies inspire - things were brought to light so you could see.

We start with awareness first. Next, this new awareness will require shifts, changes in behavior, assessing and reassessing. It's a beautiful thing because it really empowers us. We feel so much more in control of how we're living our life and what we are creating in our realities. Enjoy the process :)


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