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Finding Serenity: Harnessing Your Inner Wisdom Through Meditation to Combat Stress.


I’ve recently noticed many moving through life stressed, overwhelmed, run down, uninspired and feeling like it’s a repeat of the same thing every day.  Is this you?  If the answer is yes, I’m here to remind us that it doesn’t have to be.  And, most importantly, life isn’t meant to be lived on a hamster wheel unless we make that choice. 

Sometimes we need to be on the hamster wheel because it’s serving a purpose in our own growth.  We need that contrast between what is and what could be.  When things are unpleasant it can serve to motivate us to create change so that we step into greater possibility.  Imagine what life can be like living the opposite of the example above.  What if, instead, we felt at ease and in flow, in control, energized, filled with vitality, creative and inspired?  What if we woke up every morning excited about the day and the work we do?  How would our life change?  How would we change?  What if I said there is a simple solution to what may feel like an overwhelming life?

When we feel overwhelmed or our life is chaotic – everything feels very complex.  So it’s hard to imagine a simple solution to a complex situation.  And, it’s when we’re in this state of mind there’s nothing more that we crave than simplicity…we just want life to be simple.  Many don’t realize that we hold simplicity (the very thing we want) within us. It’s called our intuition or our inner wisdom.  When we connect to our inner wisdom it is the opposite of what our human self is experiencing.  Imagine feeling stressed and being able to connect to our inner wisdom who is serene and then activating feelings of serenity throughout our body that then calms the nervous system.  Wouldn’t it feel empowering to know we could change unfavorable life experiences at anytime by connecting to a part of us that is serene?

The one element missing from the lives of the individuals I’ve come across who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed over a period of time is meditation.  Now, we’re all going to feel stressed from time to time – that’s why we came to Earth—to experience our power through all of this.  But, it doesn’t mean that’s what our primary experience needs to be.  As soon as we feel stress we can make a different choice and have the power to change that through meditation.


Meditation is the vehicle that is used to connect to our inner wisdom and the serenity that is desired when we are having unwanted feelings. By inducing a state of relaxation, meditation helps lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and alleviate muscle tension—all of which are physiological manifestations of stress.

In addition to its immediate benefits, regular meditation practice can lead to long-term changes in the brain that enhance resilience to stress. Research has shown that meditation can increase the size of brain regions associated with emotional regulation and decrease the size of the amygdala, the brain's fear center. These structural changes contribute to a greater capacity to manage stress and maintain emotional balance even in challenging situations.

Meditation can be done easily on a daily basis and have profound effects. 

Here is a simple technique that I use that has worked wonders in my life:

·         Clear your space

·         Light a candle

·         Play light meditative music or sit in complete silence

·         Sit upright (so you don’t fall asleep); Feet on the floor

·         Focus on your breath

·         Breathe into your heart and exhale through your heart

·         Do this with the intention to connect to your inner wisdom

·         Be open and receptive to whatever comes through – it might be a symbol, feelings of

love and peace, thoughts

·         Don’t judge just be aware

·         Do this for at least 5-10 minutes a day – every day


The more we do this, the easier it becomes and the faster we settle into a relaxed state.  Make it a daily practice.  Some people meditate for a period of time and then they go back to old habits of allowing life to take over.  That’s the easiest way to return back to a stressed and uninspired path in life.  And, who wants that?  It really has to be a part of our daily life and practices.  Once it is, we’ll notice the profound shifts that take place and our overall emotional state will be much healthier.  If meditation becomes more a part of who we are then the stress and overwhelm becomes less and less a part of us.  We can’t experience both stress and serenity at the same time. 

Is ten minutes a day worth a serene life?  There are so many ways we can spend our time.  Using it to feeling happier is life changing.  Ten minutes a day is a small ask for a huge outcome.  Make YOU a priority and never look back.


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