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Four Steps to Kickstart the New Year with Enthusiasm and Intention

Four steps to kickstart the new year with enthusiasm and intention.

Are you ready for the new year?  That can feel like a big question!  Sometimes it can be overwhelming because we put pressure on ourselves to achieve more, do more and be more.  So often we set high expectations of what the new year is supposed to be by coming up with the dreaded list of new year’s resolutions.  What if we took a different approach this year?  What if, instead, we worked with the power of our creative energies to set our intentions and had fun by dreaming, imagining, and visualizing?  Let’s take the stress out of it all and shift into a place of inspiration and enthusiasm for what is possible.

Here are four empowering steps and daily practices we can use to identify our intentions and see the progress of our creation.  That’s right – we are powerful creators!


#1.  Identify the simple things that make you happy.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to keep our energy high by doing things that make us happy.  Keeping our energy high is going to support us in every aspect of our lives and it’s incredibly important when we are creating experiences we desire.  Think about how life flows with ease and synchronicity when we’re feeling happy.  This is the same energy that also brings forth our desires with greater ease.

Perhaps going to the gym or some kind of physical activity is what lifts your spirits?  For some, it’s taking a walk in nature.  It may be writing in a journal or meditating.  Do at least one thing that makes you happy every day to support your wellbeing and your creations.  YOU are worth it.

#2. What are your heart’s desires for this new year?

What are the three most important desires that you’d like to experience this new year?  It may be something physical like buying a new car or it may be non-physical like living with the feelings of peace in all that you do.  Have fun in this process and give yourself permission to dream and imagine without limitations or restrictions.  How often do we give ourselves that opportunity?  When we allow our  imagination to flow it will show us what is possible.  It may even surprise you because the imagination does not limit in the way our conscious mind does.  Be intentional.  Open your heart up to the greatest and highest potential of what can be.

To connect with your heart’s desires and to discern what is truly important for you in the coming year find a place and time where there aren’t interruptions.  Sit in an upright position and close your eyes.  This allows you to go inward.  You might even light a candle and play meditative music in the background that will help you relax into your heart space.  You can then place your hand on your heart or visualize and feel your heart center expanding.  Take as long as you need to feel relaxed.  Focusing on your breathe will help.  Now you’re ready to connect with your heart and intention to prioritize your three most important desires. It may be less than three.  It’s just a foundation to work with so we keep it narrow and not too broad.  This supports our ability to stay focused.  Next, write down your heart’s desires.  Writing down our intentions helps to anchor it into our physical world experience.

Give yourself this time to connect inward, dream big and allow your imagination to flow.  YOU are worth it.


#3.  Focus on your emotions around your desires

Now that you’ve narrowed down your heart’s desires, ask yourself, “how would it feel to buy the car I want?” Or, “how would it feel to move through my day with peace?”   Use the power of your imagination to take you into the scene of doing, feeling, being, buying, etc.  that which you desire. Generate the feelings and emotions of how it is to already have what you want.  And, really get into how it feels.  Feel it with every part of your being.  Use step #2 to connect inward and in a relaxed state you can ask your imagination to show you how it feels then allow it to do its magic. 

Once you’re in that state of feelings and emotions stay there for a few minutes (or longer) and enjoy how it feels to experience it.  Then move the emotions with that desire into your heart and breathe it in.  Allow the energy in your heart to expand and get bigger.  What you may find is that you want to return to that place again and again because it feels that good!  That’s the point.  The more you do this, the more you anchor it into your reality.

There are studies that show the positive energy from the heart sends signals to the brain that it recognizes and every part of you from your brain, to your heart and body start to work in synchronicity and coherence with one another and the energies of creation to bring in our desires.  It’s a powerful and important part of creating.  Naturally, you’ll want to bring yourself into this beautiful positive state of being daily and remind yourself of how you want to think and feel every day.  You may even want to set an alarm throughout the day to help bring your attention back into your heart’s desires.  Commit to you.  YOU are worth it.


#4. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you

Your own inner wisdom knows exactly what next steps are needed to lead you to your beautiful creation.  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings around each of your desires.  This is how your inner wisdom will guide you.  If living more peacefully is what you want to create then your inner wisdom may guide you by feeling less inclined to spend time with certain people or to say no to invitations that aren’t going to generate that feeling.  It’ll happen organically.  If it’s a new car you’re wanting, for example, you may unexpectantly feel like turning into a car dealership as you’re driving down the highway and notice they are offering reduced prices.  This is how life works to support us when we pay attention and we are living in heart coherence.   

Paying attention to your thoughts and feelings is an important part of the creation process.  It’s always through awareness.  Two affirmations that you may want to use are:  “I’m ready to listen” which let’s your inner wisdom know you’re serious about what you want to experience this year.  The second is, “I’m ready to receive”  claiming what you are worthy of receiving.  These two affirmations work hand in hand.  However, it must be noted that you will need to listen first in order to receive.  Take the time to connect with you at all times.  YOU are worth it.

Most importantly, enjoy every step of the way.  Be easy about it.  Get excited!  It’s always exciting to know we hold the power to create our realities within.  All of these steps remind us of that because it requires our engagement with life and a commitment to ourself.  It allows us to have fun using our imagination and gives us the freedom to dream. You may be pleasantly surprised with all you create into your reality this year.  And, always remember – YOU are worth it. 


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