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Have Patience with the Natural Unfoldment of Life

Updated: May 17, 2023

Patience is not an attribute that comes naturally to most people. This is especially true in our society today where everything seems to be designed for convenience. People want what they want when they want it whether it’s a relationship, a job, joy…whatever it may be. It’s in our nature. We want it NOW. Period.

Impatience and the frustration that comes with it is oftentimes a frequent and reoccurring emotion that we repeatedly experience. And, yet, we’re met with the same outcome time and time again. Things happen when they happen. It’s a cycle: we want something -> we become impatient -> frustration sets in -> things happen when they happen. And, on and on it goes.

Letting go and allowing is probably one of the most difficult skill sets we are given the opportunity to learn in this lifetime. Not all of us do. We may be able to do this some of the time (with a little kicking and screaming along the way) and then revert back to plain old resistance other times. However, the notion of letting go and allowing is something we’ve all heard, not always successful at doing and yet there’s no way around it if we want the optimal outcome.

If we look at nature where there is perfect balance and harmony…everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. Consider the seasons, there’s no way to speed up Fall. There’s a divine process in place. The leaves go through the change in colors in just the right timing before they fall and it takes us into Winter. And, the animal kingdom relies on this perfect timing to gather food, to nest, to lead some into hibernation, etc. This is the natural unfoldment of life. From nature, we can see, there’s a divine process and divine timing that guarantees the highest and best outcome every year.

When circumstances in life aren’t happening for us the way we want them to there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Here are a couple of important reasons why this may be. To start, these circumstances may not be in alignment with your soul. This is a huge one! Why? Because there’s no getting around this. The soul has set out to do what the soul has set out to do. And, what the soul has set out to do is ultimately for your best and highest good because this plan was divinely orchestrated between you and God.

I’ve hit this wall several times in major areas of my life where things weren’t happening the way I wanted them to. An example I’ll share is the frustration that came with not getting married until later in my life…later being 39. And, every year after my mid 30’s left me frustrated trying to figure out why it had not happened yet. Just ask my family! It was only a few years ago when I learned why. The answer was revealed unexpectedly in a past-life regression that I did where I learned my soul wanted to have certain experiences on my own before I settled down. At the soul level I wanted to accomplish and achieve certain things on my own independent of someone else. And, I could only do that if I weren’t married. Finally, I was able to connect the dots. An ah-ha! moment for sure. And, as I look back I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m grateful for those experiences that have shaped who I am today. Getting married at an earlier age was not in alignment with my soul.

The next example I will share is that we are usually offering up some kind of resistance to that which it is we desire. When we do this it typically means there’s something within ourselves that needs to be understood, healed perhaps, and brought into a state of balance. When there’s a state of balance there’s no resistance and then life can unfold organically in the perfect way and in the perfect time.

Conversely, we all know what it feels like when things just seem to happen for us with ease. For example, the purchase of a home that you feel is the perfect one for you: there’s no bidding wars, financing comes easily, there’s no contingencies, etc. This is what it feels like to be in alignment and when there’s no resistance in place. The process is smooth.

So, if something isn’t happening for you or there are delays that cause complications take a step back and consider some of the possible reasons this may be. Awareness is everything. Instead of staying in a state of frustration take a different approach and use this time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Ask the question, “is there anything within me that needs to be understood or healed, around this situation?” Sit in meditation with the intention of connecting to that wise part of you that holds the answers. Of course you can also work with a practitioner like me to help with this too. But, it’s really much more empowering when you take that time to go within. And, if you do this consistently your life will begin to shift in all good ways.

The answers always reveal themselves. It may happen all at once or over time. Nonetheless, when we allow this process to naturally occur we can be assured that everything is happening in perfect order. That is, perfectly orchestrated by you (at the soul level). This is called co-creation…the highest aspect of you, the Divine, life, all that is…working together for the highest outcome. And, so it is.

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