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Staying On Your Own Path: Mastering Our focus and Where We Place Our Attention During Eclipses

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Staying On Your Own Path

Blessings Conscious Creators,

How has this major eclipse gateway experience been for you? These gateways are streams of energy that hold higher light codes in them that will always illuminate what we need to see within ourselves and the world around us. They give us the opportunity to elevate into higher states of being and awareness. Profoundly, they catapult us onto a higher trajectory that is beyond what the limited mind can imagine.

During these times, as the energies are amplified, so are our experiences. I've seen so much movement in the lives of the beautiful souls' I've worked with including my own! It's incredible to witness and experience this kind of change...and everything happening so (incredibly) quickly as lower/old timelines close and new/higher ones open. Some have been presented with new career opportunities while others are expanding their businesses. I've worked with those who are leaving their longtime marriages and others who are working through family difficulties. I've witnessed new social circles forming and old ones dissolving and on it goes. Everyone's path is unique and divinely created by the soul.

These new light codes inspire change in the highest of ways so that we can live the highest of everything now! While change is not usually comfortable for our human-self, we can have great comfort in knowing that these times are ultimately leading us to heaven on Earth. For anyone that missed my blog post on where humanity is heading and the New Earth we are creating (which is magical) I've listed it below under Blog Posts. Even though we may "know" this, when life happens...sometimes we need to be reminded to lift us up again :)

There's no doubt that these pivotal times hold a lot of magic. However, the swift and purposeful changes that are unfolding on a micro and macro level can leave us scratching our head and asking the question "what in the world is going on?" trying to make sense of it all. It can make life feel chaotic at times and unsettling. And, if we're not mindful we can be pulled into the chaos lending our invaluable consciousness to situations, people or events that will pull us down instead of move us forward. These experiences are how we learn to master ourselves...our thoughts, our actions, our response and how we choose to show up. We are always going to be tested in order to uplevel and embody our highest self at all times.

As the energies amplify and our lives and world continue to shift and elevate it's going to be important for us as Conscious Creators to have clear intentions of what it is we want to create/bring into our experience. When the world and life feel chaotic, having a focal point allows us to redirect our attention back to our INtention no matter what is happening around us. Our intention keeps us on our path instead of getting caught up in outlets that will distract like the news, for example.

Each time we are presented with a choice and we choose our pure heart's intention over distraction we become even more powerful creators and our self-mastery strengthens. It may call for us assessing what activities, situations, and relationships we can let go of that aren't supporting our creation and the path we're on. Upleveling more than often calls for letting go so that our path is unobstructed from living our highest potential.

There will be times when our Universe/these gateways purposefully place us in an unpleasant situation or we find ourselves surrounded by people who aren't kind or have our best interests in mind. We can then ask ourselves, "what can we do to bring more light (our light) into this challenging situation?" Some of the ways we can do this is by visualizing light, our intention and how we respond. Light, love, and pure intention...these are all things that shift the dynamic and energy. When we take these simple yet powerful steps, we feel empowered and it affirms to our Universe that we're not playing in the old anymore. We're not participating in the lower timelines. We're focused on the higher ones and we begin to untether ourselves from the 3D realities that held us back.

Gateways equal opportunity and choice point. What will you do when these opportunities arise? Will you get distracted and veer off path? Participate in the lower realms? Or, choose YOU? These tips and tools are in place to assist us in staying on point and prepares us in advance so we know what to do when distractions or change occur. Through this process of conscious creation, we are all contributing to a beautiful New Earth that eagerly awaits us.

With love xx



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