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Federation Of Light

Updated: May 17, 2023

I felt so blessed to receive messages from the Intergalactic Council of Light last year because their teachings offered so much hope and inspiration of what we have to look forward to in life on Earth…especially during this time when we need it. To my surprise and delight they came through in meditation today again offering messages of hope, love and peace. We have to remember that despite what we may see in the media and how the world is portrayed on TV there are other beautiful things happening here. Because everything is energy these beautiful things and shifts that are occurring can’t always be seen with the eye.

I receive their messages through automatic writing. That is, I sit in meditation, and the information flows and I write what I receive. As I read through their messages everything seems to make sense…just like in readings where the information that comes through nicely come together like pieces of a puzzle until the full picture is formed and everything ties in together.

Enjoy as they remind us that we are moving towards a place of love, balance and harmony.

Release of anger

Greater amounts of kindness are being birthed from the violence and divide you have seen. The unrest and unsettled emotions and thoughts are filtering out being diluted by new thought forms and thought patterns all happening through changes in frequency and vibrations of energy. We (Council of Light) are able to bring forth new energy/shifts in energy/ higher vibrations and frequencies of energy that then help with this process. It’s like sprinkles of new energy that are introduced to humanity and then allowed to integrate and then more sprinkles of new energy are introduced and integrate and so on. It happens very subtly . It would be like tuning a guitar – you tune one string at a time and let it resonate with the whole before moving onto the next string. These sprinkles of new energy change the way people think. We are infused with higher vibrations of energy which then naturally shift our thoughts accordingly.

People are carrying a heavy burden of anger on their shoulders which serves as extra weight to carry around in their day to day life. Over time the load will be too much to carry and also unwanted. People will be exchanging the heavy load of anger and unrest for new lighter ways of being because they will want to feel better. This new energy being introduced helps people naturally do this…release what no longer feels good to make room for happier/more peaceful lives. If you are living in higher vibrations of energy this would be a natural occurrence since everything about one’s makeup changes. The old ways of being no longer feels good or feels right.


More people are going to have a greater desire to want to travel to new places to experience a change: of environment, government, people, ideas, lifestyles, etc. Whether it is local long distance, within one’s country, between states and regions, or to other countries and continents. This new desire to experience and appreciate new places and people helps support the integration of humanity/helping people to see and feel the notion of “we are one”. Through this desire and the experiences that come from this desire it paves the foundation for kindness to spread and kindness to be given, shared and exchanged.

As stated before there is a natural migration already underway moving away from living life in individual silos where decisions are made based only on the benefits of self-interest verses coming together as a whole with love and appreciation for each other.


This connectedness will also be experienced more and more with one another telepathically as telepathic communication becomes a natural part of communication – not the only way to communicate but one of the ways we communicate…reinforcing the idea that everything is energy and all energy has a frequency and through energy we are all connected. This too will help elevate humanity’s consciousness by way of being more mindful of our thoughts and how it is we treat each other bringing in greater love to the world ---greater love for ourselves and greater love for each other. It’s through this process that we become more mindful of our thoughts of one another since thoughts are energy and we will be more attuned to sense these thought forms telepathically.


We are experiencing expansion in all ways…our own awareness of how we individually fit into the greater whole – that we are all connected and everything we do as an individual affects everything and everyone else ---expansion in our own energy field around us. Instead of keeping our energy field close to us (as we do now) we will have a greater desire to expand our energy field to touch the next person and the next person and the next person because we will inherently want to feel this connection. We won’t want to be living our lives only for ourselves. We will desire connection with other people and living collectively. We’ll be moving away from the perspective of “what can you do for me?” towards “what can we do for each other?” The desire to connect with each other on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) will be important because there will be an appreciation for deeper/more meaningful connections. As this expansion happens we pull together our resources so to speak which allows us to manifest things quickly whereas right now humanity doesn’t understand their own power to manifest because everyone’s on different pages based on their own personal agenda.

When we collectively pull our resources and energy together creativity levels sore and our ingenuity and inspiration is present in our daily lives. We become an advanced civilization…advanced because of our ability to move forward quickly through creation and from the power of love.

Life Purpose

The reason why more and more people are taking an interest in how their lives can be more meaningful by understanding their purpose, passion and talents is because we are being called to understand and utilize our talents as a way of contributing not only to our own happiness and lives but also by being able to share this with humanity. Our talents have been given to us by the divine to bring in happiness and also to bring in happiness to others by sharing them with each other. That is why so many people today are starting to feel that there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing. And, they’re feeling unsatisfied as a result of this. As such more people are taking a look at how and what they can do that's going to make them happy. This desire that starts with oneself (how can I be happier) ultimately leads to how one’s happiness is going to help other people be happy. (i.e. if painting is a passion/talent the artwork that is created will be enjoyed and experienced by other people as well). Again we see that what may appear to be at the onset what is in one’s greatest good really leads to what is in the greatest good for all involved.

The Animal Kingdom: (Domestic Pets and Wildlife)

Domestic Pets

Even a new wave of animals are being born into the world…it’s not just children (crystal children, etc.) But, even the animals are coming in at higher frequencies to support the shifts of the New Earth.

The role of our pets is going to be to keep us on the right path moving in the right direction. Somehow their energy serves as a reminder to us to do the right things. Their presence holds us to higher standards.

We will start to see an increase in demand for household pets. People are going to want to fill their homes and space with the love and purity of animals as they recognize more and more their value and what they add to life. At the soul level we crave this kind of pure love that animals give us.

Our animals are going to be cared for and cherished more. There will be a new movement towards the elimination of destroying life/euthanizing animals as if each death is one less burden to society. Our perspective on animal lives is going to be changing until we ultimately get to a place where there are NO more homeless or helpless pets.


There will be a greater move towards protection of habitats – creating and allowing space for animals to live freely and naturally. We’ll be admiring the wild animal kingdom more from a distance allowing nature to be the driving force behind survival and also reproduction. Wild animals will not be held in captivity where all aspects of their lives are controlled and then disrespected in the process. Animals will be able to live and reproduce naturally according to the laws of nature NOT the laws of man.

With greater respect to the animal kingdom they will have a greater respect for humanity allowing us into their lives more because there won’t be a need to fear humans as they do now. There’s a mutual respect for one another.

Much of the way we learn about animals now is forced by means of captivity and tagging and in controlled settings. Nothing about this process is natural and therefore the data lacks truth because we are gathering information from a situation that is imbalanced NOT natural. This new way of being where there is mutual respect will allow us to learn about them from a place of truth governed by natural law. We’ll have a deeper and more intimate window into their lives and there will be much to learn from them about healthier ways of living.

Animals live from a pure place because they don’t have egos. They live in accordance to the natural laws of the universe. They don’t offer up resistance to the universe in the same way people do which allows for balance. When there is balance there is harmony. For this reason they will teach us and help us bring in greater harmony into our world.


Our biological makeup is changing with the new energies and frequencies (like the updates we do to our phones) to help lift the burdens that we carry that are no longer in alignment with the direction Earth and humanity are moving in. This allows us to have more space within ourselves to be able to think differently and feel differently about life, love, and each other.

This is our message for now.

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