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The 3D Reins Are Tightening - Can You Feel It? Learn How To Navigate These Energies.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Polarity is a common occurrence these days for me and I believe many of us. One day I'm as high as a kite hiking through the magnificence of God's creation in complete bliss staring at the mountains that surround me and feeling the magic of the trees. The next day tears are flowing from the trauma others are experiencing at the hands of those desperately trying to keep the lower dense realities in place (as with the recent events in Maui). *I will be commenting on this separately in greater detail*

When events like this take place, it can feel suffocating at times as a lower consciousness tightens the reins on a humanity that is organically elevating to higher levels of consciousness and a higher trajectory. The unveiling of the "shadow" or "darkness" is always a part of the process of elevating - it has to be. It's only when we see, acknowledge and clear all the unconsciousness can we then elevate. While this isn't an easy process, we can feel encouraged knowing that the only reason why we can see the unconsciousness is because there is an increase in light present.

As we move through these times, I want to share some inspiration that came through to assist us in navigating these energies as well as key points to consider:

✴️New light = new opportunity

Remember, the only reason we are able to "see" the truth of what is happening in the world is because there are greater and higher levels of light entering our Earth plane that activates our higher knowing. We can now "see" what we couldn't before. And, even though what we are being shown can be difficult to witness we can be in service to each other in time of need knowing that light will ALWAYS bring in higher and greater opportunities for us.


Darkness presents itself so that we can bring light into situations, parts of the world and our own lives where balance is needed. Difficulty, challenges, tragic events, etc. will always show us where there is not balance. This will become more evident as we head into the September equinox.

✴️Being nudged to step into higher realities

We are being nudged to step into higher realities both on a micro and macro level. What we do on an individual level (micro) will affect the greater good of the whole (macro). Our interconnectedness is becoming more and more real. Making higher choices is imperative at this time. When we revert back to the old, we feel the repercussions of that much faster now because it is that important.

✴️Drinking clean water

Staying hydrated with clean water is pivotal for our lightbody. It assists us with flushing out the old.

✴️Decreasing expectations of others

And, increasing expectation of ourselves. Allowing others to be who they need to be and do what they need to do in honor of their own journey. If it's not aligned, they don't have to be in our reality. Staying focused on our choices, where we place our attention, and the path we are on will serve us in the highest of ways during such critical times.

✴️Spending time in the soothing energies of nature

Can't say this enough. As soon as I stepped foot on the trail in Utah, I felt like I was in heaven. There's an automatic cleansing of what is needed and our vibration rises. When we are in nature, we are immersing ourselves in an energy that represents perfect balance and harmony which shifts everything within us.

✴️Decreased focus on the material

These energies redirect our attention from the material world to ourselves. Self-care, doing things that bring in joy organically becomes paramount and a key focus. Shifting our focus also inspires us to redefine what does actually bring us joy (that which is pure and authentic).

✴️Letting go of the past

I've noticed this was a big one for me. Be aware of where you are holding onto the past - old anything - beliefs, relationships, expectations, thought patterns, behaviors, etc. New light doesn't allow for that. It requires we leave it all behind...let it all go and open our heart to receive all that light represents - a NEW EVERYTHING :) If we desire new things we have to make room for it.

The most important thing to remember here, is as more world events unfold, don't allow your consciousness to join into a pool of fear. Remember new light equals new and greater opportunity for us ALL. If you need a reminder of what we ALL agreed to and have ALREADY created see my blog post below to support.

With love xx


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