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Intergalactic Council Of Light

Updated: May 17, 2023

Well…this was a first for me. I’ve never channeled this group of beings. And, with the exception, of Archangel (AA) Gabriel’s message last New Year of the shifts that we’re going to be experiencing here on Earth in 2016, this type of messaging/guidance is new for me. Usually my guidance comes in the way of personal and soul development. However, I must say, learning about the energetic shifts here on Earth that are already in motion and will continue to be over the next few decades are nothing short of fascinating.

The Intergalactic Council Of Light’s point of focus as was explained to me is working with humanity to move toward what they call “The New Earth”. Currently the energy here on Earth is shifting to higher frequencies – while I can’t claim to understand all that is contributing to this -one thing that was mentioned on a physical level was the movement of tectonic plates. When energetic frequencies rise – there’s a calling for humanity to rise accordingly to meet the “new requirements” of “The New Earth”.

There were so many topics and pieces of information covered I will do my best to outline and explain it in an easy to understand way as I received this information through automatic writing.


One of the things AA Gabriel referenced in my earlier blog is that humanity is moving towards a greater appreciation of the Earth – our home. Similarly, it was explained to me here that we’re going to be moving away from non-biodegradables – using natural materials made from the Earth to support new types of packaging such that these natural materials (biodegradable) that come from the Earth simply return to the Earth once they’re discarded. We’re returning to a more natural eco-friendly way of doing things that support our home and humanity – everything working then in greater balance and harmony.

Coal/Toxic Fuels/Carcinogens

As we’re well aware the materials we use today create harmful pollutants. Looking forward we’ll be using cleaner methods that require a skilled labor force. As such, we’re encouraged to train people, teach them, and give them responsibility that will support humanity and The New Earth in more responsible ways. Right now, for example, coal miners may believe they’re destined to a life of coal mining because that’s what’s been handed down generation by generation – even though this work is known to be harmful to people’s health and the environment. In this new way of being and living no one would feel beholden to an unhealthy job or situation. Every person will feel of equal value in society because they’ll be given specialized training and skill sets that society turns to for their unique understanding in their area of specialty. In other words, everyone on this New Earth will feel empowered, informed, have unique skills and talents that they use to contribute to the greater good of all – verses how things sometimes are now where people fall into jobs for example because “that’s all they know” or “their family has known” and they can’t see a way out. On the New Earth (where only love exists) everyone benefits and feels good about themselves because we’re all working to support one another and we all support each other in this process.


There’s no surprise that our food sources today are contaminated, genetically altered, and animal cruelty is a major problem. The Council reference our fish/sea-life have been poisoned. And, it’s simply a reflection to us of what we’re doing to the Earth and her ocean. Next they reference cows as an example – they’re genetically altered with hormones, etc. along with the emotional and physical harm and distress that we cause them. They say eating beef lowers consciousness for this reason. All of this is energy is imprinted in their flesh which is what we take in when we eat them. *The animals are always so courageous and pure and have agreed to take this role on with humanity to help us learn about the value of life, compassion, and value of the Earth all in an effort to raise consciousness* They say we’re not eating natural foods from the Earth but rather processed, mass produced, recycled, and abused food sources. *There’s little respect for how the animals are killed and butchered today – they liken it to the shredding of a box – there’s no thought or feeling behind it.


They talk about travel being done through intention. There’s no need for the use of harmful materials to the environment for travel , costly fuels, etc. All that is needed is our intention to move us from one location to the next. For example, if someone in the US decides they’d like to visit China and enjoy the Chinese culture, people and foods they can do this through their intention. This allows for an integration of humanity and moves us away from the notion of borders and passports to the notion of we are one. More exposure to more cultures and more people creates acceptance, love, appreciation and oneness.


Payments for goods and services will be an exchange of energy and loving intentions behind this energy instead of hard currency. The value behind this new form of “payment” is the gratitude felt and the fulfillment that comes from receiving the intention of appreciation that is being given. Money as we know it today and all of the “issues” that come with it go away. Looking forward money becomes more like an energy blessing that we give to each other in appreciation for goods/services.


The Ocean is no longer seen as a dumping ground but rather all items disposed of are returned to the Earth/land where it came from and nourishes/replenishes it since everything is created from natural products of the Earth.


Humanity works with the Earth – living off of the Earth. As such, the need for chemicals/preservatives diminish – since everything that we’re working with is in its natural state.


People learn to become self-reliant and responsible for themselves because they have the knowledge and natural resources to create what is needed and to survive on their own. When individuals don’t have that ability and they rely on others to do that for them we find ourselves in the situation we’re in today. When we rely on others or a small part of the population to take care of the masses (food, products, etc.) we will see animal cruelty, harmful products, destruction of the Earth, etc. because it becomes a business and no one is watching. The priority then becomes mass production with limited resources and the responsibility placed on a few to care for the masses is way too difficult to handle – the imbalance is too great and unsustainable without shortcuts.


The Intergalactic Council is here to teach us how to live a better life so that greater happiness, love and an increase in consciousness can be experienced along with greater health. Everyone and all living beings can co-exist in harmony.

The colors of life and nature become more vibrant. The fragrances in the air pleasing; the sounds are therapeutic joyful melodies of nature and laughter verses engines and noise pollution. There’s simply a greater appreciation for life.

We move away from the value we place on a price tag to the value we place on life itself and being a part of it NOT a witness or a victim of it. Clearing all of this “stuff” up helps peoples’ talents to emerge and they’re able to see what brings them happiness and we’re able to share these talents with others to bring them happiness or support where they need it. People are no longer wandering through life wondering what their life purpose is because they’re already living it.

Our taste buds are restored and natural flavors become pleasing verses the fatty foods and sugars that we’re used to and that have tainted our pleasure centers. Because the foods we eat are natural we restore our health with natural vitamins and the weight issues we face today are stabilized.

People move away from screens and isolation to the true enjoyment of time that’s spent with one another. Right now, everyone relies on everyone else – celebrities to entertain, farmers and big companies for food, etc. We’re moving now towards self-sufficiency. We will no longer need “1” person like a Beyoncé to entertain billions of people (again relying on a few to entertain the masses) – with each individual’s talents emerging in this new way of being every family will have a singer. And, enjoyment comes from the love and time that we share with each other.

Can you imagine what life will be like here on the “New Earth”? They say more to come on this new movement where only love exists.

The Council asked that I share this for others to see – I hope that you’ve enjoyed their teachings and that it has inspired you in the same way it has me…to think the Earth will be a place where only love exists. I can’t wait!! <3

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