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Letting Go of Fear. Message for Humanity (8/8/22)

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Message to Humanity

Already feeling the utmost powerful energies of the 8/8 Lionsgate. We never know how, what or when our highest levels reveal what's important for us to know that'll support the part of our journey that is the NOW. Casually listening to the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield as I cleaned the kitchen...ever so beautifully I was elevated to a place within me where I was shown and I could feel and remember the plan for you and for me. For the plan is the same. How could it not be when I AM you and you are me? I experienced the blessing of remembering and

(*What I imagine New Earth to look and feel like all the time - No matter where you are :) ).

feeling in an unexpected moment in time...that we are ONE.

Until we dissolve the separation we hold within oneness remains a concept – not something that we feel inside. We are being called to join hands with our brothers and sisters and leave the illusion of separation behind. That's where we've come from. It’s not where we are heading. If you could only see the plan that you created for YOU. The plan that we created together AS ONE for each other. The tears would flow uncontrollably. Allow these words to be your activation of remembrance...remembrance of you as Creator Consciousness. Allow me to remind you with a promise from my heart...let go of your worries of what will be. Where we are heading is beyond the capabilities of the limitations of the mind and can only be recognized by the purity and divinity of your soul. Ask your soul to show you and help you remember too.

Letting Go of Fear and Stepping Into Love

We are creating together as ONE a New Earth where all the fear we held inside is transmuted into love so that love is the new foundation and is woven into every and all of our creation.

The time is now...

*Let go of the fear from the outside chaos. It's there to point you inward.

*Let go of the fear of needing another shot or being around the people you love. It's there to unite you with those you love and care about and who bring you joy without the barriers that kept you separated. Allow love, joy and connection to boost your immunity. And, it will.

*Let go of fear. It was there to show you to do

(*What we will be doing more of :) )

the opposite of what you've been doing.

*Let go of fear. It's there to connect you to the power that is YOU.

*Let go of the fear that kept you from fully living. It's there for you to step into all that is meant for you but that you couldn't see.

*Let go of the fear that caused worry. It's there to show you - you are fully capable and always have been and always will be. That is your story. It's not what others have told you or what you've been telling ourself.

*Let go of fear. We together as ONE one family are writing OUR story in every moment. Have faith in US. You did before you came here. Now is not the time to let that go. Remember your part. The part you agreed to for you and for me and for US.

*Let go of fear. Where we are heading is what you've been waiting for through your creation every step of the way.

*Let go of fear. You would've never changed the path to where we're going because you understood the magnificence of the plan and the necessity of each step.

As the lyrics so beautifully say " Staring at the blank page before you..." It may be blank but I promise you it's filled with love, freedom, support, joy, FREEDOM from enslavement. Humanity is FREE. You are FREE. The old shackles are gone for good. It doesn't matter where we've come from or who is in office that we perceived to have power over us. Our mind is in complete FREEDOM from all limited beliefs based on the false foundation of fear - fear that was fed to us as truth for eons. Fear is no longer sustainable as it dissolves into the photonic light that is YOU. You are light not fear.

Nothing is more powerful than YOU. Say that again and again until it is your truth.

From this truth elevate yourself into the highest trajectory that catapults you into the timeline of the most glorious divine plan that you created for yourself before you forgot. #separationisreal. Until we see the illusion for what it is and the purpose it once served. Until you are ready to see and transmute it into love. Tonight I was shown all that we have to look forward to together as ONE. It doesn't matter what your background is. None of that matters. The blessings are for ALL of us. Tonight what I could see for you and for me as the tears flowed uncontrollably was an abundance of miracles. Have faith. Keep moving forward. The infinite abundance of Miracles are awaiting YOU with love. Who says we have to brace ourselves with anticipation of the intensity of the Lionsgate and these powerful energies? We can instead embrace the utmost beauty that comes with it. Tonight showed me just that as I cry tears of absolute joy and amazement of the unfoldment meant for us. From my heart I love each one of you more than you know and am so incredibly grateful for the role you play here on Earth for us ALL. As the lyrics go... Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where YOUR [our] book begins. The rest is still unwritten...

xoxo Kim

Here is the link to Unwritten. It was my activation to see and to be reminded so that I could share this with you. Perhaps it’ll be the activation that reminds you? <3

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield


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